Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) is similar to a traditional monitored supervised visit between parent and child except that a therapist is involved in supervising and guiding the visit.

TSV uses trauma-informed care to provide structured, interactive guidance on parent-child interaction, with a focus on communication, positive parenting education and skills, the attachment between parent and child, and behavioral management.

Goals of Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

To provide a protected visitation and a therapeutic intervention between children and the non-custodial parent. To help the parent develop the skills to provide a healthy parent-child relationship so that the child benefits as much as possible.

To assist children and their families in maintaining or re-establishing relationships that are healthy and safe for the child.

To assist children in the transition to different family structures, while providing for the safety of the child.

To provide custody evaluators and treatment professionals with supplemental information for visitation and treatment planning.

To actively engage in assisting the non-custodial parent and child to develop a relationship, if needed.

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