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The Therapeutic Solution focuses primarily on trauma and complex trauma issues. The Therapeutic Solution is a trauma center that provides an array of innovative and evidence-based outpatient mental health services throughout Las Vegas Nevada. The Therapeutic Solutions Behavioral Health Centers and Trauma Services use intervention methods aimed to meet the unique needs of children, adults, and families. We provide a wide variety of specialized in-home and community-based services throughout Nevada.

Congratulations you are very courageous. Challenges dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, or perceived threats are difficult to deal with alone. We are here for you, wanting to walk with you on your journey.

Just like anything that matters, healing does not come easy. But it is possible. If you have tried to heal from a traumatic event on your own, you quickly realize that it is not something you want to try alone. You want a specialized, well-trained, and experienced trauma expert at your side. We will help you through every part of the healing process.

We charge $150 for the initial session then $90 per subsequent session. We accept cash or check as well as debit and major credit cards. Individual and Neurofeedback therapy treatment may also be paid upfront in 6 week increments at a reduced rate of $500.00. Payment is usually collected in the beginning of each session to get receipts and other paperwork completed before we begin. If you’d like to apply for a reimbursement through your health insurance company, we are happy to provide you a superbill so that you can do so.
Generally, therapy sessions are 45-55 minutes.
In most cases, you will meet weekly, but other arrangements can be made based on your needs. If you need more intensive care due to a crisis of some kind, you will be able to meet more than once per week. If scheduling or payment is an issue, every other week or twice a month session maybe accommodated.
Yes. We are bound by law to keep the information you share confidential, including the very fact that we are seeing you. Even if you disclose you have committed crimes, it stays with us. There are limits to confidentiality which include: threats of harm to yourself or others and reports of abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or otherwise vulnerable populations. A court order would require us to share the requested information with the courts, but that rarely happens.

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