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At The Therapeutic Solution Counseling and Consulting we are always looking for therapists, counselors and staff to join our team who are passionate about helping others find healing and happiness. We strive to create a culture of happiness, support, growth and community.

Initial 15-minute phone consultation: free


As an option if we are not in network with your insurance company we can bill a number of insurances as out-of-network providers on your behalf. Please call our office to discuss insurance prior to your first session. In these cases, you are responsible for the full up-front session fee. We will then bill your insurance as an out-of-network provider and your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the session fee, based on your specific plan benefits.

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the client, to understand the benefits and limitations of your mental or behavioral health insurance plan. Please be aware that not all services are necessarily covered, and you may have a deductible to reach prior to receiving coverage for services. Not all diagnoses are covered by every insurance plan. If your insurance provider fails to pay for services rendered, the balance of unpaid session fees remains your responsibility, as the client.